A bit of a walk down memory lane… old spots that I still have a liking to, pitchbooks, etc.

“The Mist” Trailer

"The Mist" Trailer Here's the new trailer for Spike TV's show, "The Mist", based on… Read More

Mini Pitchbook

MINI This was a very quick turnaround pitch for Mini. I did and super fast… Read More

Honda “Never Give Up”

Honda "Never Give Up" I put this treatment for a Japanese market commercial honoring Honda's… Read More

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office This was part of a series of pitches I helped with for Microsoft… Read More

Brighthouse “Your Move”

Brighthouse "Your Move" Number three of a series of spots I directed for Brighthouse. Once… Read More

Target “Apparel”

Target "Apparel" Second on a series of full CG (or mostly CG) spots we did… Read More

VW “New Mags”

VW "New Mags" This was a spec spot directed by Andrew Hardaway. I was the… Read More

Honda “Engine”

Honda "Engine" Got to visit Honda's R&D center, look at Indy 500's cars and engines,… Read More

Empire City Casino

Empire City Casino A surreal spot for Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY. Directed by… Read More

Coke “The March”

Coke "The March" Shot in Buenos Aires with over 500 extras, and directed by Roman… Read More

Cobra Series of Spots

Cobra Spot Series Series of spots I worked on for Cobra featuring different golf celebrities... Read More

Brighthouse “Golfer”

Brighthouse "Golfer" One of a series of Brighthouse spots I directed. It was winter, and… Read More