Ghost of Tsushima

[AWARD WINNER] One of the latest projects I had the privilege to direct, the official trailer for Sucker Punch’s upcoming samurai game, “Ghost of Tsushima”, was a collaboration with agency AKQA and us at Digital Domain. Incredibly proud of this piece. It was a huge team effort, spanning multiple continents, and finishing amidst a global pandemic… Not easy! Probably the BEST looking piece I’ve ever been a part of. Enjoy!

Sucker Punch, Agency AKQA
VES Nomination for Virtual Cinematography, Gold Telly "Craft": Visual Effects, Silver Telly "Sound Design"

These are the storyboards we created for the piece. We ended up sticking to them pretty closely, with the exception of a couple of shots that ended up “on the cutting floor” due to the restrictions of the :60