Director’s Reel

Director's Reel A short, but hopefully sweet, montage of some of the things I've directed... Read More

JSoul Style Frames

JSoul Style Pitch Official Trailer JSoul is a "boy band" from Japan, and we were… Read More

Halo “Lucky Grunt”

Halo "Lucky Grunt" A rather comedic take on the Halo franchise I directed for twofifteenmccann… Read More

“Battleborn” Trailer

"Battleborn" Trailer Here's the piece I directed for 2K/Gearbox, the official reveal trailer for their… Read More

Pepsi “Throwback”

Pepsi "Throwback" '70s retro animation piece I directed for Chiat-Day in LA in collaboration with… Read More

PODS “Moving”

PODS "Moving" First of a 6-spot campaign I directed for PODS, a storage company. 100%… Read More